Friday, 6 June 2014

Upcoming College Fashion Trends

The college admission season has started and soon there will be an army of young guys and gals heading to start a new phase of their life. School days are over; it is time to join college starting of adulthood. For another few weeks till the colleges do not start there is one thing on every fresher’s mind, the look that they are going to flaunt at college, everything from your friends to your involvement in college activities and to some extent even the career paths that you choose afterwards depends on the attitude you carry on the first few days, specially the first day. Colleges and universities are places where you will see all kinds of fashions ranging from formals, semi formals, casuals and sportswear. There will be dresses picked up from the flea markets to the biggest of brands available. Till a few years back we had seen a rising demand of semi-casual shirts and polo neck t-shirts. It was like these two articles of clothing are the only thing in college going generation’s closets, but from last year the trend has changed surprisingly. Today more and more youngsters are turning towards casual clothing; the top priority in this section is given to graphic tees.
College Going are moving towards T-shirts
College Going generation is moving towards Graphic Tees from Polos necks
Graphic Tees also known as graphic t-shirts, quote t-shirts, printed t-shirts come under the category of casual t-shirts which have some design or text printed on front. The design might have some message, joke a double meaning statement or might be a smart statement about the attitude one carries. The hot sellers in this category are the last one i.e. t-shirts having some quotes which talk about the attitude one carries.

College fashion is never constant, it updates year after year and one thing that is going to rock the campus this season is your collection of graphic tees.